Working in a travel industry?

Making flight offers using Amadeus or Sabre system in your daily routine?


Manually converting the output for customers makes you tired?



Get the GDS Offer Designer today!

What is GDS Offer Designer?

GDS Offer Designer is a tool designed especially for travel agents as well as everyone who use GDS booking systems in they work.

Save time and money

With GDS Offer Designer, you can create a professional, ready-to-send flight offer with just few clicks. You do not have to pre-book a reservation to provide your client with an readable professional offer.

With GDS Offer Designer You will save time, avoid ADMs and reduce the risk of a mistake.

All data from GDS

GDS Offer Designer creates offers based on data from your GDS system. Generated offer contains all necessary flight information, including luggage limits for each segment and total price including your service fee!

Custom offer templates

GDS Offer Designer gives you 7 ready-made offer templates that you can use without any restrictions. We can also design a unique template especially that will meet your specific needs. This will ensure that your offer will be consistent and even more professional.


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